Albert Glatz Tobacco Shop
Site of the first tobacconist in Rome (Lititz), Pennsylvania
1765 - Present

Preserved for the people in the County of Lancaster, in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America in 2010.

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Project for 2011
If font color is green project has been completed. Date finished.
A board and battan Carriage House modeled after the Taliaferro-Cole Shop in Colonial Williamsburg.(meeting with builder (3/25/2011);we have agreed to a price with the builder consruction planned for summer 2011(4/29/11); project to begin in early July (5/27/11)) Project began on July 12, footers poured on July 15, 2011. Complete 8/31/11.

Where we started...

Our inspiration from Colonial Williamsburg

Our finished project...Watch the progression here.

Projects, if any, for 2012 to be announced in January 2012.